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Traveling to Vietnam

Many people think of Vietnam in reference to their historical background. However, Vietnam is actually more than what we know about the war which we have seen in war movies. Vietnam actually has a rich culture which is mixed with great scenic and breathtaking views of highlands and terraces, white beaches and diverse island landscapes. This country is ideal for your next big adventure trip. You can visit this country from north to south with many tourist attractions to visit.

You can either start your Vietnam adventure tour from Hanoi then go south, or from Saigon, then head north. There are many means of transportation that you can use if you want to go around the country. The ideal season to visit Vietnam is from May to October during the summertime. Wintertime in Vietnam is cold and gloomy. In the southern part, the dry season is through December to April.

The country's capital is Hanoi. If you start your adventure from there your first destination is the Hoan Kiem Lake or the Lake of the Restored Sword. This is one of the best scenic spots in Hanoi and is very rich in cultural history. The Ha Long Bay is northeast of Hanoi and is a long coast line which literally means Bay of Descending Dragons. This bay has more than a thousand islands capped with abundant jungle vegetation and forms a seascape of limestone pillars. There are many hollow islands with enormous caves. This place has been chosen as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. There are many tour packages being offered for cruising the bay.

Fansipan Mountains is in northwest Vietnam. It is the highest peak in all Indochina. Sa Pa terraces is found in the Muong Hoa valley between the mountain and Sa Pa town. You can arrange for a hike tour in the rice terraces and the mountain summit which can take a few days.

The tallest pagoda in Vietnam is the Thien Mu Pagoda. This is seven stories high and overlooks the Perfume River. This represents the former imperial capital. Hoi An is another place you can visit which is a fishing village. This is called the Venice of Vietnam because of its narrow canals that go through part of the town.

The most popular seaside resort town is NHa Trang. It is the country's scuba diving capital. There are many beautiful beaches with pristine sand and crystal clear water.

The Chu Chi Tunnels is an underground network of connecting tunnels northwest of Saigon. They were used by the Viet Cong guerillas as hiding places during the Vietnam war which has become a famous tourist attraction.

The Mekong Delta is a very rich and lush area that produces Vietnam's agricultural products. You don't take the road here because all villages are accessible by river.

Finally, visit Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam which is known for producing the best fermented fish sauce in the world. You can learn more about attractions at Phong Nha Ke Bang by clicking here:

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